Business Analyst

Richard has been an IT Business Analyst for over 18 years, working in the Telecoms, Utilities, Financial, Online Gaming and Healthcare sectors. For a full breakdown of his career, see his LinkedIn profile.

The role of an Business Analyst (BA) is varied and interesting.  A BA will liaise between the business operation and Information Technology teams, to help communicate, clarify and focus the needs for IT services and products.

The BA has the unique advantage of being able to build a comprehensive overview of an organisation, through the involvement in projects across different divisions.  This overview enables the BA to take a holistic approach to defining problems and solutions, and enables a good understanding of how business rules and processes interplay with each other.

A good BA will act as a communication bridge between business and technical people; being able to communicate ideas and concepts in terms that they understand.  In converting business rules into technical requirements, the BA needs to be careful that nothing is lost in translation.

Agile Product Owner

In agile scrum development, the Product Owner (PO) is the voice of the business. They will prioritise the work for the development team, and help clarify any questions they may have about the functionality required. The PO maintains an overall vision of the product and understands what is important to the business.


My name is Richard Bloomfield, and I have lived in Dublin since 2007. I grew up in the quiet market town of Knaresborough in North Yorkshire, went to university in Liverpool, and lived for 12 years in Edinburgh before moving to Ireland.

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